Writing a Term Paper: Structures and Guidelines

A term paper can be defined as a research paper written by a student at the end of a semester term. There is a need for you to properly handle your term paper to get good grades as students. Conducting research and writing reports for a term paper is very demanding. It requires a lot of effort and time. This is why its important that you follow a research guide.

Structuring of a custom term paper should be carefully done. Each chapter of a term paper contains different outlines which must be written with different formats. The sections are the title page, table of content, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, recommendation, and reference.

Chapters of a Term Paper

Term papers consist of different sections that make up the entire paper. Each chapter has a different style and format of writing. Also, they must be arranged sequentially to satisfy requirements for good grades. The order of arrangement of the chapters is as follows:

  • Title Page

This part must be your first page in the paper. It must contain information such as your name, course instructor’s name, name of your department, and the submission.  All this information must be aligned in the center.

  • Acknowledgment Chapter

The second page of your term paper must be the acknowledgment page. This page is where you appreciate those who have contributed to the success of the project. Everyone that has played a significant role in the project must be fully acknowledged here.

  • Table Of Content

In the table of the content page, there is a complete list of all chapters. It also includes the respective page numbers of those chapters. It makes it easy for readers to navigate through your work. The table of content pages must also indicate the pages of images, figures, tables, and diagrams.

  • Abstract

This part of the report shows where an overview of the whole project is being made.  It is the summary of the objectives, methodology, hypothesis, sample size, and the result. The word limit should be between 100-500 words. 

  • Introduction

The introduction chapter is the first main chapter of your term paper.  This part is where you give the definitions of keywords, variables, and hypotheses. It must as well contain complete information about research topics. The objectives of the term papers must be clearly stated in this chapter too.

  • Literature Review

The literature review explains the relevance and importance of the research. It is a review of previous studies carried out on the same topic. Its essence is to show the significance of the study to the course instructors or the readers.

  • Methodology

This part contains detailed information about the research methodologies and explains the procedures used for conducting research and implementations. The methodology chapter explains more about research methods, variables, and models.

  • Methodology

This page confirms the authenticity of the hypothesis. The information about the findings of the research is stated here.

  • Recommendation

This part contains your research view as a writer. It includes suggestions regarding possible future research on the same or similar topic.

  • Reference / Bibliography

All sources where data are collected must be arranged alphabetically in the reference page. Books, journals, and any other publications quoted in your term paper must be included in the bibliography.


Term papers could be an arduous task if you did not understand the structure and the format. The proper arrangement of each outline and chapter can qualify you for good grades.

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