Writing a Research Paper: Outlines and Guidelines

Writing a fast essay or research paper can be difficult, depending on the type and level of your writing. The essential contents of a research paper include the title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, body, and conclusion.

However, if the research paper is for a small college, there might not be a need for a methodology chapter. It is also essential that there is a coherence of parts of the research papers.

The structure of a research paper should be in its simplest form. The outline should easily guide a user through the necessary information in the research paper. This article is a guide on the best way to write your research paper.

Guidelines on Writing a Research Paper

Outlines and structures can judge research papers. The following guidelines should also be taken note of in implementing the best research paper.

  • References such as books, website articles, newspaper articles, published journals, and any other publications should be cited in the research paper writing.
  • Do not deviate from your research paper topic. Focus on your topic, and avoid digressions.
  • A research paper should be formal. Avoid colloquial and informal words.
  • The arrangement of the significant points in the research paper should be in a logical order. The coherence of points is vital.
  • When starting a new paragraph, it must be started with an indented letter.
  • Facts should not be presented in the past tense. When you’re presenting facts in the research paper writing, it must be in the present tense.
  • Identify the difficulties in the research paper immediately. You have the title to avoid illogical writing and errors.
  • The significance of the research paper should be clearly defined before the writing.
  • There is a need to understand your tone and style of writing. Some research writing can be argumentative or persuasive.
  • Before embarking on the writing of the research paper, there is a need to gather detailed and accurate information.

Brief Explanation on Parts of a Research Paper

There is a need to understand the parts and their outlines to write the best research paper. The following information will guide you on the outlines of a research paper.

  • Research Paper Title Page

This page depends on the style of your research paper. In some cases, as in MLA style, the title page is only essential if requested by your supervisor. However, the title page should be the first page of your research paper. It should include the topic of your research, your name, your school name, and your supervisor’s name. It should all be double spaced and aligned center.

  • Abstract

This part of the research paper contains the objectives, the summary, and the goal of your research paper. It should be short and precise.

  • Introduction

The research paper introduction must contain the list of all vital points and a brief explanation of the research’s objectives. Most importantly, it must include a thesis statement, which is the basis of the study.

  • Methodology

This part is otherwise known as the framework chapter. It contains an extensive report of a detailed research process. The methodology has to do with the research subject description, tools, method of research, and the analysis for the final summary of the result of the study.

  • Body Chapter

This part usually contains a detailed explanation of the methodology. The key points are also explained in paragraphs. Body chapters also allow a researcher to express their grammar and sentence structuring skills.

  • Research Paper Conclusion

This part contains a summary of the research paper. It also involves the re-affirming of the thesis and closure of the research paper.


In writing an exceptional research paper, you must learn the right outlines of a research paper. The guidelines also are inevitable to achieve good grades.