Basic Tips on APA Style for Papers

Here is the list of the common citations and information to get included in the above citation. There should also be an arrangement whenever you have to cite a source. Where are the steps:

  1. Decide on the category of the source. You have to know if it is a book, journal, or any other source.
  2. Collect the data from the above source. You have to dig if it is an online source.
  3. Your arrangement should be the same as in the examples, not forgetting both the Styles and all punctuation.
  4. After writing the citations, you have to arrange them in alphabetical order

Format for a Print Book

You start with the last name of the author. Followed by the time of publication. The book title, and lastly, the publisher.

Electronic Book

Begin with the author’s last name, include the year if it gets given, next to the book title, do not forget the name of the publisher, and lastly, URL.

Article in an Edited Book

Write the name of the author. Do not forget to include the first initial of the last name. The article’s title, the first initial of the editor, book title, the publisher, and lastly, URL if necessary.

Article in an Online journal

The author’s last name, the year, article’s title, include the periodical’s name, volume, the page number, and the last part should have the URL.

Dissertation in Online Database

The last name of the author. The year. Article’s name. The editor’s name. The work’s title. The name of the publisher and the URL.

Online Reference Work, Group Author

The name of the group, entry-title, work’s name, the date it got retrieved, and URL.

Wikipedia Entry

The title of the article, when it got last edited. The In Wikipedia. URL.

Print Magazine Article

Remember to write the first initial of the last name. Publication’s date. Article’s title. Magazine’s title. The volume number. Range.

Online Magazine Article

The last name of the author. Publication’s date. Title of the article. The name of a publication. Volume number if included. Range. URL.

Web Page

The last name of the author. Last modification. Document’s title. Name of the site. URL.

In this case, if both the author and site name r not different, remove the site name and leave the author’s name.

Audiovisual Media

The last name of the author, you also have to include the author type. Date. Description. The production company. URL.

Email and personal communication

Personal communications must not get included in the list of references. The main reason is that they do not give out recoverable data. They can get cited in text alone in the above format:

Last name but the first initial, personal communication, then lastly the date.

If you write the author’s name in the above sentence, there is no need to include it in the citation.

T. K. Lutes talk about the rumor concerning the retirement of the president and claim it is hearsay(the personal communication,18th April 2001)

APA In-text Citations

They require three specific pieces of information. You have to include the last name of the author, publication year, and lastly, page number. You can format the information in two ways: You can either include a signal phrase or not. APA will require you to use a signal phase most of the time for clarity. The signal phrase brings out the quotation and gives the reader a better understanding of its importance and how it fits the paper.

When the Author Gets Named in Signal Phrase

When the author gets named during the introduction of the quotation, the year must come next in parentheses, and you will only have to add the page number.


Villarreal (2004) says that sociology research on structural origins concerning criminal violence puts all focus mainly on the urban settings’


As stark (1998) said, sociologists take their time to use samples whenever they study large populations; They cannot start using field research alone.

You have to know the difference between paraphrasing and quotation. Let them both not confuse you in any way. When you paraphrase a particular data, you must not forget to cite it within the above paper.

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