Basics and Hints of Writing a Research Paper Thesis Statement

The heart of every research is the thesis/purpose statement. When writing the said statement, keep in mind these three factors: length, position, and strength. The goal of this article is to guide you on how to craft a captivating thesis statement, so be sure to continue reading.

Writing a Thesis Statement: Key Principles to Remember

Writing a research paper on a broad problem area is no easy task, wouldn’t you agree? And coming up with a purpose statement is a crucial step towards achieving this. The following basic rules will help you write a solid thesis for your analysis paper:

  • Pinpoint a few potential topics to address. These should be on things you find interesting.
  • Base your research on reliable, up-to-date source materials.
  • Build an outline.
  • Write the body paragraphs. Ideally, present your strongest idea and evidence in the opening paragraph.
  • Cite and reference each source you use to avoid plagiarism allegations.
  • Edit your final draft prior to submitting your paper.

The Role and Significance of a Thesis

The thesis statement of your research paper determines your focus and gives you (the author) and your readers an idea of what you should discuss and defend in the paper.

Starting a Thesis for a Research Paper

The most common starters of a research paper thesis that you can use as templates to craft your main claim are:

  • [The object of discussion] should [take a specified action] in order …
  • [The problem] of [something] is characterized…
  • The paper on [topic] plans to investigate and prove that…
  • [subject/object] analysis reveals [results] …

Procedure for Writing a Research Paper Thesis

You write the thesis statement before proceeding to write the remaining text. Why? The body aims to prove the purpose statement using evidence from credible sources.

Start by creating an outline for your research paper. It will help organize your ideas and prevent you from dealing with writer’s block when writing your text. You should also determine the style, tone, and voice of your essay before drafting your final thesis statement.

The thesis usually contains 1 to 2 sentences. It should emphasize the significance of the problem while the other sections support it by offering recent evidence. Finally, be creative as it will encourage your target audience to read your whole paper.

Types of Thesis Statements

Your thesis statement can either be:

  • Informative: declares the goals and leads the audience to the presented outcome(s).
  • Persuasive: states the topic and aims to convince the reader of the point you are trying to make regarding the topic.

Success Formula of a Strong Research Thesis

You can use the template below to come up with a strong argument.

  • ____________is correct due to________________, _________________, and ___________.
  • ____________is true/makes sense because of__________________.


Writing a thesis for your research paper can be difficult, but we hope this guide will make the task easier. However, if you’re still having trouble coming up with a solid main statement, there’s the option of ordering a custom thesis statement from a professional writing service online.

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